Anti-ligature safety audits for 2 more NHS trusts!

Custom Group Ltd are anti-ligature tracking/blind specialists, supplying NHS trusts, mental health establishments and prisons across the UK.

In addition to supplying and fitting the products themselves, Custom Group offer a ‘safety audit’ – a methodical analysis, testing and result recording of anti-ligature tracking and window blinds to ensure they operate in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines in the event of a patient self-harm attempt. The audit scope and level of reporting can be tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements. The audit is undertaken by our own employed engineers who are trained to test anti-ligature/safety products from a number of suppliers such as Yewdale and Silent Gliss.

2017 saw 2 new NHS trusts take advantage of this service, Tees Esk and Wear along with Surrey and Borders NHS trust. If you would like more information about anti-ligature products or safety audits, please contact our sales team on 0115 9306060.