Our range of anti-ligature curtain tracking, blinds, bathroom and wardrobe fittings are aimed at customers looking for a safe, professional and cost effective solution to the inherent risk of patient self-harm within their establishments.

With accredited training from all the major anti-ligature curtain track/blind manufacturers, our employed engineers install these products on a daily basis across the UK in hospitals, prisons and other such specialist environments. Additionally, our anti-ligature safety audit system was designed to give customers the reassurance that anti-ligature tracking and blinds fitted within their establishment correctly operate in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, irrespective of the type, when and by whom it was installed.

Products include:-

  • Anti-ligature cubicle and window tracking
  • Roller and vertical blinds fitted with anti-ligature brackets
  • Anti-ligature bathroom fixtures such as towel rails, soap dishes, shower curtain tracking, toilet roll holders
  • Anti-ligature wardrobe fittings
  • Supply and installation of anti-ligature products which have fixings designed to release by magnetic, friction or controlled breakage of bracket and/or curtain glider
  • Full professional installation service to manufacturer’s guidelines with knowledge gained through accredited training
  • All new kestrel magnetic products load tested for conformity at installation
  • Free advice and quotations


Demand for this service arose from customers informing us they wanted to comply with the Department of Health’s ‘never events’ list, a list of failures deemed to be unacceptable which must be prevented in all circumstances. Item 13 on the list is ‘suicide from none collapsible rails’. This refers to the use of a curtain track (or blind) as a ligature point for patients to harm themselves. Anti-ligature fixings on curtain tracking/blinds have been widely used for many years to prevent this type of incident.

However, there is an onus on each trust to ensure that:-

  • Anti-ligature systems are installed in self-harm environments
  • Where anti-ligature systems are already installed, they are inspected and tested to ensure they perform in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines

The problem with untrained site personnel attempting to gather such information is as follows:-

  • It can be difficult to identify the manufacturer/model of each system as there are so many
  • Correct product installation is critical to the product’s performance and training is required in each system to properly assess this
  • Each system has a different means of deploying when subjected to the correct load. In some cases parts are designed to break as part of the separation process. This means replacement parts are required immediately to enable the user to re-hang the system.
  • The method of testing is different for each system and accredited training from each manufacturer is required
  • All manufacturer’s state that the tracks or blinds should also be annually tested to ensure that, over time, environmental conditions or changes made to the configuration do not adversely affect their performance.
  • Specially calibrated equipment is required to perform and record the load tests

We have developed a simple, but thorough, anti-ligature logging and test facility for establishments who wish to ensure their tracking/blind systems are compliant. This is available for all customers, even if their systems have not been installed by Custom Group Ltd. The procedure is as follows:-

We will systematically examine each area and log the types of system being used along with other important data. This is done on specially designed forms.

  • We will load test all anti-ligature products using specially designed and calibrated equipment to ensure the product performs in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. The engineers performing these tests have received certificated training directly from each manufacturer and we believe we are the only company in the UK to have this accreditation. The results of each test are recorded and cross-referenced to the logging schedule.
  • Where products are load tested, we provide a full diagram of the track configuration detailing load test points and the loads in which the track seperated
  • Each product will be either passed or failed. If the product fails we will make recommendations and raise a quotation to remedy the work. We will not proceed with any remedial works without an official order.
  • We will scan and e-mail all the results to the customer so they have a full copy.
  • Pricing is transparently set before any work is done and can easily be traced through to tests performed via a provided summary schedule


  • Hospitals or residential care homes
  • Prisons and detention centres
  • Any other establishment where self-harm may occur

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