Custom solve tricky ventilation dilemma at Milton House!

Building contractors JF Finnegan Ltd tested the Custom Group projects team with an unusual problem – providing full ceiling to floor window coverings that didn’t interfere with the building’s ventilation system integrated into the walls. The client wanted to use the Silent Gliss 2700 panel glide system, this consist of many large fabric ‘panels’ hung from a multi channel track. This allows the panels to be flexibly and elegantly stacked back over each other or extended over the window. Samples provided by the Custom Group looked great, but unfortunately the wall integrated ventilation system was too powerful, causing the panels to ‘bellow’ and move when in use. The 2700 panel system is fully manufactured by Silent Gliss Ltd, but Custom Group requested a panel system be part manufactured and delivered to their Ilkeston factory for examination. Custom’s technical guys and seamstresses got to work and created a much larger bottom hem which could house a heavy weight bottom bar specially designed by the technical team. The sample was finished and fitted on site. The ventilation system was turned on to full power and the panels remained in position! The client was delighted and all panel systems for the project were finished off in the Custom Group’s work room to the same specification. A great result!