Curtain Room Dividers

Room divider curtains can provide the perfect solution for a wide variety of settings.They offer the flexibility to create smaller spaces in no time at all, whilst remaining straightforward and cost effective.

Custom Group designs and creates curtain room dividers for many different industries. We are able to design a unique curtain divider system that meets your needs and is produced using the highest quality fabrics.

Everything we produce is bespoke. We provide can provide perfect solutions for all settings, from simple divider curtains to entire mechanised curtain systems for drama rooms.

  • Create a flexible space
  • High quality fabrics
  • Bespoke curtains made-to-measure
  • Produced in house at our UK premises

Create a Truly Functional Space

There are many situations in which you may occasionally need a smaller room, for example for privacy or work in smaller groups. In these situations, curtain room dividers are the ideal way to create those smaller areas without the permanency, expense or hassle of constructing walls. When you need that larger area again, you can simply draw back the curtains and enjoy the space.

Where Can Divider Curtains be Beneficial?

Here are some examples of the type of places where our divider curtains are used:

Theatres & Studios

When rehearsing for productions or teaching drama lessons, there will inevitably be times when you need to practise certain sections in smaller groups. A curtain allows you to divide the drama or dance studio into smaller sections for practising or rehearsing in different groups.

Business Premises

In offices, divider curtains can be really useful for sectioning off an area to hold a smaller meeting or to work in a smaller group without getting distracted. In retail showrooms or other business premises that are open to the public, it can also be really useful to cordon off a private space to hold a client consultation or close that all-important sale.

Hospitals & Medical Centres

Medical settings are one of the most common uses for room divider curtains. Whether it’s allowing a patient the privacy to get changed in a consultation room or giving relatives a private space to sit with loved ones in hospital, curtains can often be essential in these settings.

Public Buildings

Buildings that serve the local community, such as libraries or registry offices, are often multi-functional. This means that curtain dividers can be of great benefit if you are holding different events at once or want to create temporary additional spaces for members of the public.

These are just a few applications - there are many more. For example, we recently installed divider curtains in a traditional church so that the vestry could be used for additional activities. Whatever your needs, Custom Group can create the perfect solution.

Enjoy Quality Manufacturing That Lasts

Custom Group has decades of experience in producing quality curtains and curtain systems for a wide variety of clients. We pride ourselves on creating quality products that stand the test of time. We only work with top suppliers: for fabrics, these are leading UK companies such as Edmund Bell, Drapilux, SMD Contracts, NJ Fabrics and Panaz. For tracking systems we work with reputable suppliers such as Yewdale, Silent Gliss,Faber, Integra, Goelst, Halls, Swish and Doughty.

Receive a Tailored Room Solution from Custom Group

We work with each customer on an individual basis to understand the needs of their business and their space. We are able to design custom tailored room divider curtains that work perfectly in their area of application. We will also talk to you about what additional qualities your curtain room dividers may need, for example soundproofing or blackout. And because aesthetics are also an important element, you will be able to choose a colour or pattern that works perfectly with the rest of the interior. We will work closely with you through each part of the process to ensure that your curtains are just right.

Get in Touch with Custom Group Today

If you would like to learn more about our room divider curtains or have an idea for a project, then we’d love to discuss this with you. You can give us a call for free on 0800 8 30 30 60, email us at, or fill in our contact form. We look forward to creating your new custom curtain room dividers!

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