Blackout in a week for Great Western Park Primary!

Custom Group were approached by an FFE provider with a challenge – could we install 45 electrically operated, framed Shy 85 blinds in 1 week during the school half term holiday? Sounded tough but the Custom Group planning team quickly got to work. After discussions with SHY, it was concluded that if the blinds were installed using the SHY ‘shelf’ system (a rigid metal frame which the blind sits on top of) this would considerably reduce the installation time and also give the blinds a very neat appearance from underneath. 2 of Custom Group’s 8 installation teams were allocated this blackout blind work, whilst another team concentrated on another order for general venetian blinds.

Our approach was for the 1st team to install the frame and then secure blind into position on top of the frame. This took approximately the same amount of time as the 2nd electrical team, who had to connect each blind to the fused spur, set the blind limits and test the operation. As the timings were comparable, this allowed the electrical team to pretty much follow on from from the first team.

After a shaky first day, where only 5 blinds were installed, the teams quickly got into a routine and momentum gathered – completing all blinds to the customer’s satisfaction by midday on Friday!

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