Sound Proof Curtains

There are many situations in which soundproof curtains can make a space much more practical and functional. Made from special fabric that is designed to absorb sound, they can greatly improve the acoustics of a space and prevent sound passing from one space to another.

Custom Group has decades of experience in producing and installing custom sound proof curtains. Every product we create is bespoke. We make sure we understand the space the curtains will be used in and what our customers need from them. This level of service, alongside our quality in-house manufacturing, is what makes us really stand out.

  • Quality soundproof material from top fabric suppliers
  • Made to measure at our UK factory
  • Suitable for a wide range of settings
  • Comprehensive package available for theatres and studios (including lighting)
  • Fantastic personalised service

Soundproof Curtains for Schools and Universities

We regularly produce soundproof curtains for use in educational buildings. They can be a great space solution in classrooms or halls. For example, they can be used to divide the room so that group work can take place in smaller groups. Or a hall could be used by a couple of different classes at once for different activities, without them disturbing one another. They are also a great solution for stages and studios (see below). Whatever your needs are, Custom Group will be able to develop the perfect solution for you. Our soundproof curtains are high-quality and made to measure. We are an established and trustworthy supplier with many years of experience working on projects in the educational sector.

Soundproof Curtains for Studios

The right acoustics is usually vital in any type of studio, whether that be a drama, dance, music or recording studio. Sound-absorbing curtains from Custom Group can stop unwanted echo in your dance or drama studio, or can be used to split the space up into smaller sections. The technical qualities of our curtains stop sound passing through from one side to the other, so you can act, dance and make music to your heart’s content without disturbing your neighbours or have them disturbing you! Our curtains can also be used in recording studios so that you can alter the reverberation levels in the space to create different sounds in recordings.

Drama studios and theatres being constructed or refurbished can receive a full package from Custom Group. As well as our top quality curtains, we also offer stage lighting and audio. Our in-house electricians can carry out all the wiring on-site, in compliance with the required safety standards. We can design and implement your whole theatre setup: sound and lighting included. For more information on our theatre services click here.

Soundproof Curtains for Commercial and Public Buildings

Acoustic curtains can be really effective in a whole range of settings. In a restaurant, for example, they can reduce the echo for a better acoustic and a more pleasant dining experience. And thanks to the choice of fabrics and colours offered by Custom Group, they can really elevate the look of your restaurant too.

Likewise, in sports halls, sound-absorbing curtains can diminish the loud bounce of the ball while offering great aesthetics at the same time. Churches, village halls, retails spaces, council buildings: wherever you need soundproof curtains, Custom Group can help.

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