Sussex Partnership award Custom Group tender for load testing collapsible rails!

Sussex Partnership NHS Trust provides NHS care and treatment for people living in south east England. SPNT has an established mental health service department, providing care and treatment for people with conditions such as psychosis, depression, anxiety, dementia and personality disorder. Their specialist learning disability services provide community and inpatient care for people with complex health needs which can’t be met by other services. Care is provided at people’s homes, in specialist clinics, hospitals, GP surgeries and prisons and is aimed at children, young people and adults of all ages. Suicide by none collapsible rails was identified in the early 2000’s as one of the greatest risk to adult mental health patients. Various guidance documents have been issued by the department of health since this date, including ensuring that new facilities have anti-ligature rails installed as standard and that existing rails are tested annually for conformance. Custom Group Ltd have been the trust’s chosen service provider for anti-ligature tracks/blinds for over 5 years. During this time we have tested hundreds of rails, identifying ligature risks and replacing with new products as necessary. We are delighted that, after recently completed a competitive tender exercise, Custom Group Ltd have secured a further 3 year contract to fulfil this service with the trust. We look forward to working with the trust’s management and being able to continue positively contributing to the safety of patients using these invaluable facilities. If you would like to discuss a proactive safety testing regime for your mental health facilities, please contact us on (0115) 9306060.